Aches and Pains

November, 2, 2010 — I haven’t gone running for about 2 -3 weeks, I think. And that last outing was pretty painful, and my foot was numb after less than 1 lap. I’ve still got that high-hamstring tendinopathy, or whatever it is. It is not fun at all. Last week my butt hurt after 10 minutes of brisk walking. It went away after another 10-15 minutes though. Have also been participating in some sort of starvation diet, and have lost some weight. My muscles have also atrophied though, so that’s not so great. I can’t do many push-ups anymore. I can’t do reverse plank because of the hamstrings. Apparently, once I can do that without pain, then I can return to running.

September 28, 2010 — Two weeks ago increased to 4 days a week running for 30 minutes, so was running without a rest day after each run. Felt okay at the time, but in retrospect was a bad idea as I now have some sort of high-hamstring pain, or tendinosis, or something like that, according to the internets. Ran last night for 30 minutes after 3 days of rest. Right foot was numb halfway through, felt sluggish and glad to stop. Have butt/hamstring discomfort/pain when sitting. Flexibility is still decent but it hurts a lot to get there. Should probably start yoga again.

June 22, 2010 — Right foot went numb on last night’s run, no doubt about it. At end of 4th lap, thought about stopping, but continued for a 5th lap so could run for 30 minutes. Some right butt pain on the walk to the park, so that was a hint that the foot would be going numb. Left calf a bit tight at the end of 4th lap, but went away quickly. Hips a bit sore last night when lying on side. Legs were weaker than usual yesterday. Had to stop to walk twice during 5th lap and did a bit of yoga at home afterward and legs were not able to hold standing poses for very long. Have been lax in doing yoga, and forgot to do side leg-lifts and clams for a few days. Did some weird lunges on Saturday.

June 14, 2010 — Things to watch: left/right butt and hamstrings. Pain in back of right knee- very strange, and also right calf tightness after long runs. Have had no numbness in the last couple months but on the last run felt like it could come back. So maybe don’t run another 5K for another 2 weeks or a month or so.

June 2, 2010 — Ran 2 miles, in the rain, quite nice. All aches and pains were gone. Legs felt good. Should run in the rain more often.

May 31, 2010 — Left leg, above the ankle, on the outside, and above the knee on the outer back side, hurts when I walk. The right side was also hurting yesterday. Probably from extensive walking on the 29th in sandals. First long walk with sandals (7km), probably not the best idea. Hurt yesterday as well, so didn’t run. Don’t think I will run today either, this will be the 3rd day off. Could try some sort of cardio video instead. Don’t run if it hurts to walk. EDIT: I did run tonight. Turns out wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. My notes: asics 2130 with orthotics. pretty much all previous runs in may have been in adidas supernova 2, without orthotics. can tell that there is less cushioning in the asics. like the adidas better, felt nicer, cushiony.

May 20, 2010 — Right and left hip aches, and hamstring stiffness, lower back pain- this is better than yesterday– is like a pinching in the lower middle back, above the butt. Can stretch fine, pain occurs upon compression and excessive weight-bearing, going up stairs. Am supposed to run 1.5 miles today according to the Hal Higdon 5K training plan. We will see.

Update- ran at 9pm, ate small meal around 7:45pm. Shorts and tank top, first real running day with sweat, was about 23 degrees, and ran at a faster pace than the previous 2mile runs. Did 1.5 miles, 19 mins 6 seconds. Good outing. No pain and good pace. Could have run more. Slight right knee discomfort in first lap but it went away. Had back pain before leaving house, tried stretching to make it go away, didn’t seem to help much. Walked to park. Didn’t have any back pain while running.

May 17, 2010 — Pulled left hamstring doing twisting yoga pose while straightening left leg, trying to straighten too quickly, or too far, or both. Felt a snapping in the left hamstring. No bruising, can walk etc., just a bit sore. Ran two days later and seems fine.

May 2010 — Started doing yoga, leg lifts, and clams. Legs/hips are stronger, starting to get aches in left hip now, in addition to the right hip. Previously was just the right side. I think it’s good to have pain on both sides. It’s not really pain, just dull aching and stiffness after prolonged rest, like sitting and sleeping. Numbness is still restricted to the right side. Bunion pain when not wearing toe spacers and also with less-supportive shoes, more often on the right side.

April 21, 2010 — I can run again now, but not for long. I can run for about 1km before my hip feels sort of funny. This is a pre-pain signal. If I continue much longer, it will develop into pain, but I can complete a mile without too much trouble. Then the next day, I cannot run. I need to do more strength training for the hip


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