Running Log

    June 14, 2010
    Ran 5K on June 12. Was not planned. Was just going to do 5 laps, and thought about just doing 4 because was tired, but then after 5 laps didn’t feel too bad so did 6 laps, and with the detours, had 5K. 37:03. Best time so far. Can go faster if I trained for it. This was after a speed-workout on June 10th (3x800x3.5), so not as much recovery time as you would want for a longer run. Going to take another rest day today. Some left buttock/hamstring tightness. On the last lap there was some hint of possible numbness, but it was very slight, and also some behind the right knee twinge– that is new. Also some right calf stiffness in last lap. And I think there was a bit of knee pain too. But this was all not really painful, just not normal, so things to be aware of. Should do some yoga today.

    June 3, 2010 – RunKeeper Chart (monthly)

    Blue=running     Orange=walking
    May was pretty injury-free, so was able to run more. Also started running for the whole workout instead of taking walking breaks. Yay!
    May 28, 2010 – I’m not following that program anymore.
    I’ve started running every other day this week. I sort of did a mile time trial on Wednesday. I didn’t really intend to do it. It was 28 degrees out, so a lot warmer than I usually like for running and I wasn’t feeling especially fast or keen to run that night, and it was dark. I wasn’t even sure if I would be able to keep running without walking, but I did the first lap in 6 minutes, which is decent, but a bit too fast for a long run, so then I figured I would try to push a bit harder and run a mile at a faster pace. I was sweating and tired at the end of the mile, but I could have done more. I finished in 11:27, and I probably could have gone faster if I had decided ahead of time that I was going to do this. In March I could do 12 minute miles, but not all the time. Sometimes 14 minute miles.
    May 2010 – Hal Higdon 5K Training Program
      • I’m not sure if I’m going to follow this program or not. Have never tried following a training plan, but I want to try to run without taking walking breaks now, just to see what I can do, but don’t want to get injured. I usually just go out and run and then walk when I get tired, and then run some more and try not to run too much so I don’t get a numb leg, or other injuries. Starting at Week 3, which is about what I was doing before, 1.5-2miles, but this time trying to run the whole time. Finished one week of 2 miles, 1.5 miles, 2 miles. Have decided to repeat this week because it’s the first time where I’m running without taking walk breaks, so want to give body some time to adjust, but I think I’m doing pretty good so far. The 2 mile runs are very slow, which is good, so that I don’t take any walking breaks. The 1.5 mile run yesterday was faster. I might be able to run 2 miles at that pace, but would not be a good pace for an easy run, or a long run. Might be able to increase the distance for the long run tomorrow, to 2.25 miles.
    2009-2010 Weekly Distance (Blue=running, Orange=walking, Green=swimming)
    263km total distance

    July 1, 2009 – unplanned 5K run. 37:14
    • Was going to run/walk for an hour and ended up running most of the time. Then walked most of Lap 5, then realized was close to 5K, so decided to run again and see what my time was. Could have gone out harder. Right foot a little strange, but not numb. Some right knee twitching in warm up. Left knee and shin felt a little funny, but not really during the run. Stretched at home, did abs and sit ups. Good workout.
    2009 YTD Weekly Distance
    My graph

    • 06.17.09 — Went running last night. This time I ran-walked to the park and did two laps, which is more than I’ve been doing lately. My knee felt pretty good. It’s almost 100%. I didn’t have to stop because it hurt, I just had to stop for walk breaks due to poor fitness and general leg tiredness, just like normal. So it’s taken about a month for my knee to get back to normal. I will have to remember that for next time. Have been enjoying some new-ish Coldplay tracks lately: Lovers In Japan, Viva La Vida, Strawberry Swing.
    • 05.20.09 — This week I learned that I definitely need a rest day between runs. I tried running on Sunday and Monday. Monday turned into a walking session and my back hurt and I was just in bad shape. I ran 1.5 miles today in 17:30, or thereabouts. My sports watch battery died so I’m still trying to remember where the last song ends when I finish my laps. It was a very good outing. I felt strong and it wasn’t too hard to finish the three laps. I might be going to fast though since I can’t carry on a conversation at this pace. I started doing a bit of yoga/stretching afterwards. I’m not as flexible as I used to be, my hamstrings were sore today but during the run they were fine, after when I was stretching, they were tight and my lower back was sort of tight too. I have to do those hamstring curls every day I think.
    • 05.12.09 — I ran a 11:19 mile today. That was about the fastest I could go for a whole mile without stopping to walk. My right foot was kind of numb at the end. The time may not be accurate because I had to try and remember where in the song I stopped. I should probably start wearing a watch.
    • 05.11.09 — Sadly, after listening to my iPod again, I forgot to record one song from yesterday’s playlist, so that mile took longer than I thought, it was 12:30, which is more in line with what I would expect, and pretty much how I felt. I did not feel that I was going very fast yesterday. Anyway, I will now make it my goal to do a 10-minute mile. I think I will also have to revise my plans to run one mile a day, my right leg/butt is feeling a bit strange, like the nerve is acting up again, and my foot feels sort of funny too.
    • 05.10.09 — Started reading Kathrine Switzer‘s book, Marathon Woman, a few days ago and that made me feel like running again. I did 1 mile, which is 2 laps around the park and decided that it wasn’t so bad, and that maybe I could run a mile every day. Then the next day, Saturday, I was tired and my feet hurt so I didn’t run. I went out today though and did 1 mile. I could have done more, but I figure if I’m going to try and run every day I can’t push it too much. My right bunion was hurting a bit afterwards and my right knee has some intermittent pangs of pain and my right calf muscle was feeling over-stretched before the run. It was a good run though. I was able to time it by the songs. It was about 9:49 for 1 mile, which I think is the best mile that I’ve ever timed. I gave up timing because I hate wearing a watch, it gets all sweaty and sometimes when I try to time by songs, I forget where in the song I ended my run so it’s not so accurate, but today, I finished within a few seconds of the third song. It was pretty perfect. I’m still trying to figure out if somehow I messed up the timing, but I think that is correct. I added on 10 seconds to the time of the songs to make up for the fact that I didn’t end right when the song did. I didn’t even push myself on the mile, I just took it pretty easy and focused on making sure I wasn’t going to fast, so that I could run the whole way. On Friday, I stopped three or four times to take a walking break during the 2 laps. I found a new outfit- compression shorts + my running shorts. I’ve not been wearing my running shorts too often because the legs ride up and bunch together in the crotch area and I keep having to pull them down, and also because they are so short, my thighs stick together when I sweat, and that is irritating. I have had these shorts for a while and never worn them, they are made of control top hose material, but they are shorts and I bought the extra-large size and they are still incredibly tight. I wore my running shorts on top, so at the end it was kind of hot. I think it would be more comfortable if I had some sort of tennis dress, or lightweight skirt on top, instead of running shorts with the built-in liner. I’ll have to dig around in my clothes for something. I must have an old skirt or something around. Or I could try to sew somwthing. I’d have to figure out how to constuct a waistband though.
    • 03.24.09 — Walked/ran to the park, two laps, back home. Running jacket, tech shirt, t-shirt, mittens, pants. 1C maybe -1/2 windchill.
    • 03.17.09 — Walked/ran to park, ran one lap, ran/walked home. Running jacket + t-shirt + lulu pants. 10 C, excellent running temps, took off jacket on way home. Also had mittens, which I took off.
    • 03.16.09 — Walked to park, ran first lap, ran/walked next two laps. Sleeping Lessons – The Shins, best running song ever. No mittens, hands were pretty cold until the end. Cold and very red.
    • 03.12.09 approximately– muddy park, one lap, then went home.
    • 02.15.09 — Ran to the park and then did a short loop since the rest of the path was muddy. I think I ran about 1 km, possibly more.
    • 02.08.09 — Ran for about 1-2 minutes, and then walked for an hour or so.
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    2008 TALLY

    According to my Running Log on, I ran 158.6km in 2008. I didn’t run from October onward. I think I caught a cold, and then got lazy, and then got another cold, and then it snowed and was too cold slippery outside.

    My graph

  • 06.16.08 —  I have not been able to keep up with the 16K per week. Last couple weeks have been about 13K. The numb foot is in danger of coming back I think. It was a bit tingly on the last few runs. My fitness is improving though, I can run at a faster pace than I used to while using the same amount of breathing. I did some ab work last week and then they hurt for 3 days after since I haven’t done abs in ages. I should do more. I did a few push ups too. I’m getting more tolerant of the heat and humdity. I ran in 30C, just two laps and there was quite a bit of walking, but still. I did it. I may have to start carrying water with me.
  • 05.24.08 — Weird pre-numbness/tingling sensations in right hand, pinky-side of palm and also elbow area. Don’t know why. Left side seems ok.
  • Started using RunningAHEAD website to log runs.
  • 05.20.08 — REST. Knees sore while walking on stairs. 66 resting HR
  • 05.19.08 — 4K, 29 minutes, stretched at home, walked to park, 5 laps. Ran 1st and 5th, ran/walk rest. Legs were tired. Last lap was fastest. Colder that usual today, so took longer to warm up. Walked home, stretched, 100 crunches.
  • 05.17.08 — 2K, stretched at home, walked to park 1K, ran 2 laps, FAST as I could while maintaining a consistent pace for the 2 laps = 1 mile = 10 minutes = best ever. Ran/walked to bookstore. Walked home. Stretched, 100 crunches. Bit of asthma cough at home afterwards, breathing heavily during run, throat a bit irritated. Limiting factor was heart/lungs, legs were excellent.
  • 05.16.08 — 5K, signed up for USATF Stretch Study. Stretched. Ran/walk to park, 5 laps, ran part way back. Didn’t really feel like running, legs were tired for the first 3 laps, stopped to stretch 3 times. Calves tight. Lap 4 and 5 were good, found stride, didn’t have to walk.
  • 05.14.08 — 4.5K, ran to store, ran/walked back with 7lbs groceries (2K), then ran to park, 1 lap, then ran back (2.5K). Ran fast, with frequent walking breaks. Good. No pains.
  • 05.13.08 — 5K, time unknown, but not fast. 6 laps: ran 2 laps, walk breaks on lap 3, ran 4-6. Some numbness at end. Left knee hurt at beginning then went away. Laps 5,6, both knees hurt a bit. Not too bad.
  • 05.09.08 — 3.2 K, walk to park 4 laps, 1 walk break between lap 3 an 4, 26 minutes. Some numbness starting at lap 3.
  • 05.08.08 — 3.2 K, walk to park, 4 laps, walk/run home. 1 lap, stopped to stretch, 5mins, another lap, walk break, then 2 laps. Pretty good. A bit of numbness in the right foot at the end. Not too noticeable.
  • 05.07.08 — 4.8 K, ~39 minutes, 4 laps + walk/run to and from park. T-shirt and skort, 15 C and raining. Not super but not painful. Frequent walking breaks. No stretching before, and no real warm-up since the whole workout was pretty relaxed. Forgot to stretch, but didn’t need to, no pains.
  • 05.06.08 — left heel pain, intermittent, arms and chest sore from free weights
  • 05.05.08 — left heel pain, intermittent, free weights
  • 05.04.08 — 5-6K hiking, not sure how long, about 1 hour- 1hour 15 minutes, terrain not suitable for running, plus lots of puddles.
  • 05.01.08 — 2.4K, 23 minutes, walking and running. Warm-up: walk/run to park, walk/ran home. No strange pains. Stretched afterwards.
  • 04.30.08 — 4K, 31:31 Walking and running. Slower than yesterday. 5 laps, ran the last lap, walk/ran the other laps. Stopped to stretch for almost every lap. Warm-up: walk/ran to park, then complete leg stretch at picnic table. No sharp pains. Some left arch pain when walking barefoot at home.
  • 04.29.08 — 3.2K, 24 minutes. Chilly outside 5-6C, bit cool for skort, but OK, LS top. Decent run. Ran the whole 4 laps, no walking breaks. Was going to go for another lap, but then had shooting left heel nerve-ish pain, so stopped. Pain was intermittent during walk home, but gone upon arrival. Warm up was run/walk to park. Am thinking probably better to do more of these short runs and take less rest days rather than have long runs and 3 rest days in between running.
  • 04.28.08 — Rest day. Felt ok- good enough for a short run, but it was cold and dreary outside and then I was hungry.
  • 04.27.08 — Rest day. A bit tired. Arches hurt a bit.
  • 04.26.08 — Rest day. Numb butt and leg and foot. Some arm tingling and right leg tingling. Very tired. Worried body is falling apart.
  • 04.25.08 — 5.8K, 7 laps ~47 minutes. Walked to park. Warm-up: ran 1 lap, stretched. Ran 2 laps continuous ~11:30, 1 mi; 5 more laps with short walking on each lap. 5K=40 minutes. Right leg was numb, but not completely. Left leg/foot felt some tingling/numbness. Sweat, legs were tired at end, could not run faster. Slightly dizzy after stretching at home and a few hours later. Crashed briefly after dinner. Excellent outing. Got to autopilot mode, mouth breathing. 6.4K if include the warm-up lap. Arches hurt a bit at home afterwards, tight.
  • 04.24.08 — rest day; 1 hour walking, numbness while seated
  • 04.23.08 — rest day
  • 04.22.08 — 4K, 5 laps, 30:31 approx. Walked to park, ran 2 laps =12:18= 1 mile, stretched, 3 more laps running with short walking breaks. Foot a bit numb on last lap, and some nerve pain while seated in the afternoon before running. Prefer running in sleeveless tops. Nice not to have ponytail, much cooler. Reckoner, House of Cards, 4 Minute Warning, Imitation of Life, Anybody Wanna Take Me Home, Alive, Best for Last. Walk/jogged home.
  • 04.21.08 — 3.2 K, 4 laps, running mostly, 2100s-mushy, don’t use them for running anymore, don’t feel stable/support, but are very comfortable, best fit. No pains. Good.
  • 04.20.08 — 8K walking, 1.6 K run, faster paced than usual, felt good
  • 04.19.08 — 10K walking, rest day, no running. Right foot gait problem perhaps.

My Old Running Stats

These numbers are terribly unimpressive; however, they could always be worse. Since my foot has been going numb, I haven’t been able to run as much as I’d like. These numbers are from ages ago, before the numbness.

1 mile ——— 12 minutes, 26 seconds; posted here.

1.5 miles —— 18 minutes, 29 seconds; posted here. Since this was on a treadmill, it’s a bit faster than my ‘real’ running time, which is around 13 minutes per mile, and that’s on a good day. This sort of pace is not even listed on most pace-charts because it is not considered to be actual ‘running’, but more like slogging.

5 K ————— 38 minutes (best ever), 43 minutes (first attempt) Those numbers are from last year. I have not even attempted to run 5K recently. It’s just too much. Last month I did 4K in 32 minutes. I was quite proud of myself after that and had hoped that I might continue with the longer runs, but then I got kind of lazy and the weather got warmer.

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  1. hello patty, you would be the person to ask, how do i find ryan adams new blog?? how will i know when he has a new one up? where is he?? i miss him!!

  2. Hi HWIRA,

    You might want to join a Ryan Adams fan site, like Their diligent moderators give a quick heads up whenever anything RA-related happens. Last word was that the Cardinals were in the studio, working on the new record. It’s highly unlikely there will be more blogs until that’s finished. But once the tour starts, watch out!

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